Snowmaggedon and global warming

Here’s a fairly typical posting at the Global Warming Post, a/k/a Washington Post:

…conservative commentators either stupidly or disingenuously arguing that all the snow in Washington shows that global warming isn’t real.

Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are unindicted co-conspirators in the conservative conspiracy against the One True Church of Global Warming.

Let me say this: ad hominem attacks on Rush Limbaugh (or anyone else, even the sainted Al Gore) do not an argument make. To call them stupid is a good sign that the facts are not on your side.

Global warmists, er, climate change believers (change we can believe in?) seem to deal in faith, not facts. The phrase the author used, “climate-change believers,” is telling.

Let the science, proven, not speculative, drive policy. There’s are too many questions raised by, pick one or more, bad data, bad analysis, the hiding of inconvenient facts by global warmists.

Does this colder-than-average winter say there’s no global warming? No. It also doesn’t say much about there being global warming, either.

Nor does Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, or most other natural phenomena that have all been attributed to global warming.

Bottom line is we should not commit billions of our tax dollars, money we don’t have, to combating something that may not exist just because someone has faith.


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