Republicans in disarray?

Some of our libertarian cousins across the pond seem to have had a major mis-read of what’s going on now with Sarah Palin. Over at Spiked, they seem to think that her ascendancy is, somehow, a sign that Republicans are in “disarray.” I respectfully disagree.

Sarah Palin may or may not be a credible candidate for president in 2012, but she is hardly a sign of “disarray” among Republicans.

Largely due to Obama’s leftist agenda, Republicans have hardly ever been more unified: witness the zero Republican votes garnered for the “stimulus” and for the health care “reform” bills in both houses of Congress. Even the usual Republican squishes have not joined the Democratic majorities.

The Tea Partiers are, for the most part, not organized into an actual political party and show every sign of supporting Republicans at the polls. And, naturally, Republicans are contorting themselves so as to appear more populist than they really are.

The point is that realistic conservatives have nowhere else to go. Whether they join the “Tea Party Nation” or are independents. Just as the far left will whine about Obama’s occasional tack to the center, what are they going to do? Vote for Republicans? No. And Tea Party and independent conservatives aren’t about to vote for Democrats. Not after a year of hope’n’change.

No, the Spiked thesis is wrong on this: Republicans have never been as unified. Nothing like having adversaries like the ideologue Barack Obama, the unpleasant Nancy Pelosi, and the sourpuss Harry Reid to get those ol’ unity juices flowing.

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