No is the new Yes

Poll after poll show that ObamaCare is very unpopular. The more that is known about the monstrosities brewed up in the House and Senate, the less there is to like. Republicans, not having been involved in their creation, voted, unanimously, “No!” That was a good thing; a defensible thing. It’s not as if they’d been invited to help craft the bills, after all.

That was last fall. We’re now, believe it or not, heading into spring (snow, begone, thou foul and pestilent demon…) So, knowing he’s about to be beaten, Obama extends the charade of a “summit” with Republicans. Televised, natch. In which he hopes to paint the Republicans as the “Party of No.”

I hope that my fellow Republicans show up, and are prepared with some of their proposals, all of which were rejected out of hand by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Limits on bloodsucking ambulance-chasing lawyers; portability of health insurance across state lines, and other proposals that are geared towards lowering costs across the board.

Obama and the Dems, according to their house organ, the WaPo, thinks that it’s a winner to paint the Republicans as being stubborn. This headline and key sentence are telling:

Eyeing midterms, Democrats to push Republicans to go on record against key bills…the White House and congressional Democrats are also hedging their bets with a plan to make a campaign issue of what they say is Republican intransigence

The Dems have a cognitive disorder: short-term memory loss. Was it not just one month ago that Senator Scott Brown won convincingly in Massachusetts? His most prominent campaign promise: he would vote “no” on ObamaCare.

This was crystal clear, and voters in one of the most liberal of states elected him on that basis. If “No” is a “Yes” to Republican victory in the Bay State, it’s a pretty sure bet elsewhere.

So, Dems, by all means: call those nasty Republicans names, whine about how they just won’t play ball with you. The voters in this nation will know the difference. And Dems will pay dearly this fall.


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