President Obama has come out in favor of loan guarantees for new nuclear power plants (WaPo story here). Well and good, and about time, considering all the blathering that the “I am not an ideologue” Obama has done about global warming, cap and trade, and other economy-slaying measures.

The sub-headline in the dead tree edition of the WaPo summarizes the true motive of the Obamatons:

“President hopes overture will help climate-change measures”

By which is meant increasing by artificial means the cost of doing business with carbon-based energy sources. Such as virtually all transportation, and 80% of home heating, and 71% of our electrical generation.

The artificial means? Taxes, accompanied by large dollops of new government regulations and oversight, just to make sure we aren’t exceeding how many carbon atoms we individually release into the air. Obama, who is “pro-nuclear” only insofar as it helps advance himself and his leftist agenda, gives the game away with this quotation (from the WaPo):

“as long as producing carbon pollution carries no cost, traditional plants that use fossil fuels will be more cost-effective than plants that use nuclear fuel.”

“[C]arries no cost” is ideologue-speak for “we’re gonna tax you until you break.”

I’m not suggesting that there be no controls on industries that contribute to pollution. But the alleged science behind “global warming,” now referred to as “climate change” is on shifting sand. If what we are doing to the earth is causing warming, it certainly seems to have abated these past 15 years. The point is that it’s all unproven, and should not be the basis for over-taxing us.

And, people, make no mistake: a tax on fossil fuels will be paid by you, the consumer.


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