You have the right to remain dead

Victor Davis Hanson highlights the insufferable moral preening of Obama and his administration.

Eric Holder and his soft-on-terror Department of Justice get their knickers in a twist over waterboarding, detention of terrorists at Gitmo, and, worst, the alleged wrongdoing of Bush administration lawyers. Obama wants to mirandize terrorists; did so for the Christmas day undie bomber. In sum, Obama is fighting the war on terror as a criminal justice matter.

But wait: what of all those predator strikes that serve as judge, jury, and executioner? Nary so much as a peep out of most lefties. After all, Obama can do no wrong.

VDH’s point is the hypocrisy of the Obamatons: how can it be wrong to waterboard terrorists but right to blow them to smithereens, along with any women and children they happen to be holed up with? Don’t get me wrong: I think that predator strikes are exactly the right thing to do, if there is no practical way to capture the terrorists and wring useful intel from them.

But let’s stop pretending that we occupy some imagined moral high ground because we mirandize some terrorists and refuse to even speak harshly to them once they’re granted full and undeserved rights.


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