Deaf and arrogant?

ObamaCare 1.0 could not be passed by both houses of Congress. Too many Democrats could not agree on too many differences between the House and Senate versions. Too many Democrats would not support a government-run health care system. No Republicans supported it, of course. But the point is that Democrats, with their large majorities in both houses, couldn’t get it done.

Now the Dems have lost their 60-vote supermajority in the Senate. Thank you, Massachusetts voters. Hence, under long-standing Senate rules, no major policy initiatives will pass, unless there is some bipartisan support.

There is, however, a work-around for liberals who are desperate to pass socialized medicine: the so-called reconciliation process, whereby the Senate can pass certain legislation without invoking the cloture rules that wind up requiring 60 or more votes to pass a bill. This is, technically, not supposed to be used to pass major new initiatives. Supposed to be; that won’t stop the Dems, of course.

Now, in what may be a death wish, Obama and his Democrat stooges in Congress (or is it the other way around?) may attempt to run the “public option” through using reconciliation (WaPo story here).

Obama appears to be doubling down on getting socialized medicine shoved down our throats. If the past year has taught us anything, it is that a large majority of Americans aren’t interested in a government takeover. Really, really, not interested. But yet the “public option” has been revived from the dead, and will be presented next week to the “bipartisan” sit-down that Obama invited Republicans to.

At this point, it’s unclear whether Republicans will, or even should, go to this kabuki theater. If Obama truly believes that he can ignore both the American people and adults in his own party (who would not go along with ObamaCare 1.0), then he is both deaf and arrogant.

Deaf in that he just will not listen; arrogant in that he assumes that he knows best what we little children in America need. If Obama, Reid, and Pelosi go ahead and through chicanery pass the public option, there will be blowback. If they do this, and it is not repealed later this year, then a Republican takeover of both houses of Congress begins to look feasible.

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