Justice Obama?

An apparent Obama Kool-aid drinker suggests that our failure of a president could be a successful justice on the Supreme Court. In a far-fetched piece in Sunday’s WaPo, Jeffrey Rosen writes

It would be unusual, but not difficult, for Obama to get himself on the Supreme Court. He could nominate himself to replace John Paul Stevens, for example, or he could gamble and promise Hillary Rodham Clinton that he won’t run for reelection in 2012 in exchange for a pledge of appointment to the next vacancy. (emphasis added)

Note that “but not difficult.” True, the Kool-aid drinkers will love Obama no matter what he does. But how about Democrat senators who would have to vote to confirm him? They will have been betrayed.

Just think: here’s a feckless coward who can’t handle the office he strove so mightily to achieve. Here’s a commander-in-chief who quits the battle (in Afghanistan) before it’s won; here’s a commander-in-chief whose temporizing and dithering will have allowed Iran to go nuclear, destroy Israel, and completely destabilize the Middle East. And give us $8 a gallon gasoline in the process.

But, hey, let’s not get hung on on the past. It’s all Bush’s fault anyhow, isn’t it? Getting back to Democrats in the Senate, they’ll be faced with a quitter, a coward, who is no better than that fool Burris from Illinois: a rent seeker, who makes a deal with Hillary Clinton to further his personal ambition.

With no respect for the author, what makes him think that the country would want another president Clinton? Or that the Democrats would agree that she should be the party’s nominee, just because The Numinous One says so? Or, for that matter, a president Biden if Obama appoints himself?

The notion of Justice Obama is laughable. The only saving grace for such a foolish notion is that Obama would be able to do less harm on the court than as president.


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