Marco is not Obama

Kathleen Parker has a sympathetic portrait of Marco Rubio in today’s WaPo. But she falls into the racialist trap that the GOP must, somehow, become “less pale” to succeed. Like Obama. No, sorry: Marco Rubio is not the GOP’s Obama.

He is nothing like Obama in his temperament or world outlook. Marco, being cubano, knows first-hand what havoc socialism can wreak on a nation. He also knows that America is exceptional, and to continue as the world’s bulwark against totalitarianism must not succumb to the alleged virtues of being a social-democratic state. Social-democratic being the kind way to say “socialist.”

As for being “less pale,” Marco Rubio is pretty pale. In Cuban society (in Miami, at least) he’s considered white. The difference between a man like Marco and those left behind in Cuba is that among the latter, skin complexion really, really matters. In ways small, and large. Afro-Cubans are among the most discriminated-against people on this planet, thanks to the racism of the communist regime.

As a final point, Marco will not do nearly as well among other Hispanics as did Obama among blacks. This has also to do with race, insofar as most Hispanics in America are mestizo, mixed race. And, if you talk to most Hondurans, Guatemalans, or Mexicans, they simply don’t like Cubans. Why? Cubans are much more successful on average, and, in America, sigh, much paler.

Remember, it wasn’t that long ago in our history when Irish and Jewish immigrants were not “white.” Perhaps there will come a day when it truly won’t matter how “pale” an attractive candidate like Marco Rubio is.


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