When is a carve-out not a carve-out?

Answer: when it’s the overdone turkey of a healthcare bill, as reported on by the Democrat house organ, the Washington Post. Today we are told that water isn’t wet, ice isn’t cold, and that bright yellow object that rises in the east each day was put there by the grace of our savior Obama.

In attempting to tell us, and, more accurately sell us, that black is white and night is day (whoa, isn’t that racist…), the WaPo informs us “‘Cadillac tax’ on health plans would hit union and nonunion jobs equally.” Ah, but as George Orwell’s Animal Farm reminds us, some pigs are more equal than other pigs.

Here’s the root hog in this story:

The House bill instead relies on a surtax on the wealthy. But Obama has made plain his preference for the tax on high-cost plans. To mitigate its impact, the White House and union leaders last month negotiated revisions, including slightly raising the tax threshold, limiting the tax for businesses with many female or older workers, and exempting government workers and union plans until 2018. (emphasis added)

Note that “exempting…union plans until 2018.” Oh, no, nothing to see here, that’s not a special deal for unions. The claimed “fact” that “the revisions would also benefit many nonunion workers” does not change the essence: this is a special deal, done in secret, benefiting unions.

This pig is unequal, friends. And dressing it up in the kabuki theater that Obama plans this week with Republicans doesn’t change it from being what it is.

Ever watchful: the Center for Health Transformation will be live-blogging the set-down on Thursday, February 25.

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