The image is from Rush Limbaugh this a.m. The comparison with Gollum is especially apt, given the apparent hypnotic effect ObamaCare has on Obama and his Orcs in Congress. Or is it the reverse?

ObamaCare is rather unpopular, but that of and by itself doesn’t mean it’s bad. No, ObamaCare is bad for America because it attempts to centralize, bureaucratize, and tax, to the max. It attempts to rule a large chunk of our economy, have the same kind of unemployables who run the DMVs out there running health care. Worst, ObamaCare will require citizens to buy a good (insurance) or face hefty fines. And you thought the government worked for you, silly people.

Well, we elected a socialist; that’s who he is. Obama’s push for this wretched over-reach should surprise no one. Proof that Obama is an ideologue as opposed to a leader? He’s willing to press on with this mess, even though it looks like it’s going to cost his party dearly at the polls this November.

Obama doesn’t seem to care. He wants his “health care reform,” no matter what happens to his fellow Democrats, let alone our country. Some of the adults in the Democrat party may be able to defeat ObamaCare in the House, even if Harry Reid attempts reconciliation in the Senate. As of this writing, that’s what seems most likely.

Part of me wishes that it would be rammed through, with zero Republican votes, and through parliamentary chicanery (perfectly legal, if stupid on the part of the Dems). It will make the coming Republican takeover of one or both houses of Congress all the sweeter. And repeal of this abortion next year.


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