Bad theater

Where you sit is where you stand is the old expression. If you are an Obama partisan, you’ll continue to drink the kool-aid and marvel at the Numinous One. If you’re a patriot, you’ll think the Dems are spineless, lying douche-bags (e.g. Harry Reid, “no talk of reconciliation.” Except for 20 Dem senators requesting it.) The health care “summit” was unenlightening. It was actually pretty boring, and, as expected, accomplished little if nothing.

We did get to see Obama the Arrogant in action, getting visibly peeved when the Republicans did not wet their panties at the mere sight of The Great One. He also was rude, addressing senators and congressmen by their first names, while they addressed him as “Mr President.”

Here’s a news flash for you liberal fascists: Obama is not our king, not our emperor, not our sovereign lord. He is an elected official, the head of one of three co-equal branches of government. He needs a little humility.

I’d say that any mere mortal might have learned by this time: you don’t operate in secret and play keep-away with the Republicans, then get them to join you cheering at the 11th hour. But, then, we know that Obama is, somehow, different. He is held to much lower standards.

This used to be called the racism of low expectations.


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