“the cooling saucer”

Dr Bill Frist knows something about both the U.S. Senate and health care. As a former majority leader, he warns his former colleagues that they are about to make “a historic and dangerous mistake.” If, as expected, the Democrats attempt to pass their comprehensive health care takeover through budget reconciliation.

His common-sense advice? Don’t do it, as

Senators of both parties have assiduously avoided using budget reconciliation as a mechanism to pass expansive social legislation that lacks bipartisan support…

Thomas Jefferson once referred to the Senate as “the cooling saucer” of the legislative process. Using budget reconciliation in this way would dramatically alter the founders’ intent for the Senate, and transform it from cooling saucer to a boiling teapot of partisanship.

It’s legal, but far from wise. If Democrats succeed, they will likely regret it at the polls. Obama will have tossed his fellow Democrats under the Obama Is King bus, not caring about the party he is the nominal head of.

However, as Obama is fond of reminding everyone within hearing, “we won.” Hence entitled to do what they, the elite liberals, know is best for thee and me. This goes well beyond whether Obama is a serial liar or merely another “successful” politico, fooling most of the rubes most of the time.

This affects the socialization of one of the most important aspects of American life: our very health. And, friends, it isn’t going to stop with so-called “insurance reform.” It’s going to be a cancer; one that can only be treated by full repeal of whatever monstrosity of a health care bill that Democrats pass with zero Republican input or support.


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