O Canada

Team Canada defeated Team USA in overtime, 3-2. Congratulations to our Canadian brothers on a well-fought victory. Congratulations to our Team USA for going head-to-head, and nearly prevailing, with the older, more experienced Canadians.

If you’re not a hockey fan, you might be forgiven for not seeing any essential difference between the two teams. And, as all 46 play in the NHL, most for American teams, it was hard to generate the kind of patriotic fervor that we had back in the day when the Soviets brought their pro in all but name teams to the Olympics.

Another thing to consider: some two-thirds of Team USA come from a place within 100 miles of the Canadian border, and I’d bet that a large majority of Team Canada likewise come from towns close to the American border.

Also, only four players on Team Canada have French names; it’s reasonable to assume the balance are Anglophones. The point? Team USA and Team Canada have more in common than not.

However, the Canadians won. It was close, though, and my observation is that Ryan Miller, our goalie, actually did a better overall job than Roberto Luongo, Team Canada’s netminder. No, not sour grapes; just an observation. My point is that either team could have won, and been equally deserving.

Again, congratulations, Team Canada. Just wait ’till 2014.


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