Obvious danger

This may seem obvious, but it apparently has escaped the notice of many in the mainstream media. What is obvious is that the health-care-fiasco is a Democrat two-step, but the first step is most important: the House passes the wretched Senate bill. Intact. Including the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, the union exemption. Including the fact that the Senate bill was smushed together, from used chicken entrails, in the dark of night and with zero input or support from Republicans.

So, as some commentators are pointing out, if the House and Senate pass the same bill, it can, and likely will, be signed by Obama. On the premise that we can always go back and fix the bad parts later.

If that happens, about the only thing we can hope for is a wave of voter revulsion that will result in both houses of congress going to the Republicans. Who will then repeal this pig’s afterbirth.


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