The president and the truth are sometimes strangers. And that’s being polite: the man’s a bald-faced liar. In its death throes (one may only hope), the health care abortion, which includes federal funding for abortions (and kickbacks and bribes and union set-asides), will cost on the order of $2.3 trillion (per Paul Ryan).

The president claims it will not increase the deficit. Both Representative Ryan and President Obama can’t be right; I’ll go with Mr. Ryan: his reputation isn’t on the line, after all. With all the new government commissions, regulations, entitlements, and imaginary cost-cutting which will almost certainly never see the light of day (see the WSJ editorial), ObamaCare is going to cost. And cost.

But one might excuse the never-having-had-a-real job president from knowing anything about economics. But here’s the whopper, a lie so bold that only Obama Kool-Aid drinkers could believe it. It’s from his millionth or so speech on health care yesterday:

“I don’t believe we should give government bureaucrats or insurance company bureaucrats more control over health care in America.”

Couldn’t agree more. But what about the government employees who under ObamaCare will be doing all this new administration and cost-checking and decision-making? Someone is going to have to administer all these new provisions, and serve as enforcers for the mandate that all buy insurance, and deprive those found to be socially useless of necessary medical care. Is this going to happen by magic and with less control?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? You are a liar, B.H. Obama.


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