That taint can’t be undone

This is not a good time to be Bart Stupak. The Democrat from Michigan is a rara avis among his Democrat brethren: he is pro-life. And he has made a principled stand against the federal funding for abortion that is in the version of ObamaCare the House will be forced to vote on soon.

Well, Nancy Pelosi and her flying monkeys are going full-bore to round up “yes” votes on the Senate bill. No changes allowed. Changes promised in some future “sidecar” bill, but only after the House votes the exact Senate bill up or down. Stupak, who voted against health care “reform” earlier, is now going wobbly under the pressure. I don’t blame him; he may be principled, but he is, after all, a Democrat, and I don’t think I could withstand the kind of pressure likely being brought to bear.

So, I’d guess there’s at least a 50-50 chance that the thing will pass the House, and be signed into law by Obama. But, here’s the ray of hope and change on the horizon: what is done by Congress can be undone. Rich Lowry explains, and here are his five reasons why it can and will be repealed:

One, it will have passed on strictly partisan votes

Two, its skids were greased with rotten deals…That taint can’t be undone

Three, a parliamentary trick is necessary to its final passage

Four, the bill has been sold under deliberately false pretenses [new entitlements saving money? Ha]

Five, the bill is abidingly unpopular.

I’ve heard liberals say that “once it’s passed, people will learn to like it.” And it’s been compared to Social Security and Medicare, both of which are quite popular now. We’ll see.

My guess is that if passed, ObamaCare will cost much, much more than advertised and not help most Americans. It will, rather, hurt us by increasing our costs through higher taxes and by making it harder to get good health care.


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