Drop that fried chicken

In the City Journal, David Gratzer wrote “freedom also implies responsibility.” Sort of, but not nearly strong enough of a statement. Freedom does not merely “imply” responsibility, it is built on responsibility.

There are two pillars for freedom. First, the God-given rights inherent in all. Most emphatically, rights not given government or any human agency to us. Second is the responsibility to exercise those rights in a way that does not impinge on the rights of others.

If people don’t take responsibility for their actions (or inaction), freedom is just a word, and those who do take action will likely be the government nanny-state folks who believe they know best and that we are not capable of making sound choices. And, if we don’t take responsibility, the nannies will be at least half-right.

Sometimes we make awful choices, and, in the case of many, the costs fall on the rest of us. Thus impinging on our right to keep what property and other resources we are able to earn. As, for instance, when poor people fill up on Popeye’s fried food, are 100 or more pounds overweight, and then, surprise, have diabetes, heart attacks and other life-threatening diseases whose treatment is on the public’s dime.

As for Mike Huckabee, I dearly love him, but noticed during his set-down with Mrs Obama that he looked to have gained back nearly all of that weight. Not exactly a good poster boy for tackling obesity. Which he, as an honest man, mentioned and, we hope, will fix.


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