Existential, not territorial

The recent phony dust-up between the United States and Israel is a symptom of something much darker. And it’s no accident it comes under a president whose middle name is Hussein. Liberals, formerly among the most stalwart defenders of Israel in America, have come to see the Jewish state as, at best, an anachronism, a throwback to a time of blood and soil.

In this case, the whole notion of a Jewish state strikes many liberals as simply wrong. Now, to be fair, most American liberals would also not take kindly to a state that self-described itself as “Christian.” Of course, these same people seem to have little problem with the many states that are self-described Muslim states.

Especially those in the Arab world. Take the Palestinians. They don’t have a state as yet, being unwilling to give up on their dream of the “right of return” to Israel proper. Unto the fifth generation, of course: anyone who had an ancestor who at one time lived in Israel prior to the Arab attack (after the United Nations partition of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state) wants to be able to flood Israel and destroy her Jewish character.

Which gets to the Arab end-game, which has never changed: eliminate Jews from the Middle East. By one means, or another. As Bret Stephens notes today in the Journal,

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn’t territorial. It’s existential. Israelis are now broadly prepared to live with a Palestinian state along their borders. Palestinians are not yet willing to live with any Jewish state along theirs.

This irredentist position is supported by a too-large majority of Western nations, increasingly including our Democrat president. Look, friends: the Arabs have shown, by word and deed, they do not want to live in peace with or among Jews.

Doubt this? Then why do we pressure Israel not to have settlements in territory that some consider to be Arab land? Is it because we favor apartheid, the very thing that liberal idiots like Jimmy Carter accuse the Jews of favoring?

A reasonable person has to ask: why can one-fifth of Israel’s population be Arab, with full rights, while the population of Jews in an Arab Palestine must be zero? That this is accepted as the desired end state speaks to a whopping double standard. The usual name for holding the Jews to markedly different standards? Anti-Semitism.


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