Many of us who have used computers for a long time know what a self-executing file is. They come in handy when you’re on the road and need to do something quickly on someone else’s computer. Likewise, the Democrats appear to be, as B.H. Obama has said, “on the precipice” of passing health care “reform.”

Good choice of words, B.H. Although allegedly brilliant, Obama has trouble with some common English words. For instance, he doesn’t know the difference between a dead body and a body of men (corpse and corps). But getting back to Obama’s “precipice,” he’s exactly right: the Democrats seem poised to jump off that cliff. With a “self-executing” rule in the House of Representatives.

From Newt Gingrich’s Letter, here’s some of what the House Democrats will be buying by their acquiescence:

• Federal funding for abortion;

• A half trillion dollars in cuts to Medicare services that do not fix the programs’ long-term structural budgetary problems;

• A half trillion dollars in new taxes that will be passed on to the consumers of health insurance and everyday medical devices;

• The “Louisiana Purchase” and other special deals used to bribe senators to vote for the bill.

• 159 new government boards, bureaucracies, and programs that will further depress a health system already mired in bureaucracy.

Now the president’s lackeys will swear up and down that this coyote’s afterbirth of a bill will lower insurance costs, among other things. But I have to ask: if we’re going to have 30 or so million more under insurance, and if insurance must be extended to cover pre-existing conditions (typically meaning more expensive health costs), how exactly is that going to lower insurance costs?

Insurance is about risk. The higher the risk, the higher the cost, unless, of course, we go to government price controls. Oops. Now I’ve said it: just one small step for Karl Marx in the White House.

Getting back to the Democrats and “self-executing,” it is quite clear that a “yes” means “yes” to socialized medicine. There is no way to explain to constituents that the vote was, somehow, merely procedural, didn’t really mean a vote for the health care bill, etc. etc.

We aren’t buying this one. And Democrats who vote for this monstrosity will be duly rewarded come November.


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