l’Etat, cest moi

The Hyde Amendment prohibits direct federal funding for abortion, and is usually cited as a reason Bart Stupak (D-MI) and other pro-life Democrats (and they’re a dwindling breed) would vote “no” on the Senate health care “reform” bill.

Why? Because the Senate bill explicitly provides for federal funding of some abortions. And, if it became law, would effectively trump the Hyde Amendment. But, not to worry: any promise, no matter how ludicrous, may be made in the service of ObamaCare.

Stupak and some of his colleagues are, apparently, on the cusp of voting “yes” based on the promise of an “executive order” from B. H. Obama. Said EO would, it is alleged, negate the Senate bill’s abortion provisions.

Small problem for our new emperor: an executive order can’t overrule law. No matter how arrogant the president is.


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