Repeal and replace

According to Harry Reid (via NRO), “the bill is now law, all it needs is tinkering.” Yes, tinkering. I hope that the Republicans can make this “tinkering” as painful for the Democrats as possible. And that it takes months to resolve each jot and tittle of the monstrous addition to the monstrous socialized medicine bill, now law.

May Harry Reid and his Dem minions get many headaches, may they be hounded by angry constituents, may they be thrown out of office this November (those running this year; we’ll have to wait for two more elections before all sitting Senators may be deposed).

Mitch McConnell has suggested something much better than “tinkering:” Repeal and replace. This is not likely to happen while Obama is in power, but it’s surely worth a try.

All who value their personal liberty should rally to this call. In the meantime, 13 state attorneys general have filed suit, claiming the new law to be unconstitutional (for the individual mandate, among other provisions). I’m proud to note that my state, Virginia, has also separately filed suit.

Too bad we can’t secede again…

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