Re: Bienvenue au Canada

Some thoughts on Mark Steyn’s post:

The subject line pretty much exhausts my French, but the very need of Canadians to understand those words may lay at the heart of Canada’s disease. They can’t decide if they are Francophone or Anglophone, so made the worst possible compromise: teach French to everyone, when only Quebec is truly Francophone. Once you start to declare that French is equal to English, it’s a slippery slope: how do you deny any culture, include those totally foreign to our shared British heritage, however minor or debased, equality status?

I maintain that we Anglo-Saxons should have finished the job of kicking le Français out of North America in the 18th century. Pity we didn’t; the result has been the forced imposition of cultural schizophrenia on our Canadian neighbors. [Unfortunately, we here in the States appear to be doing very much the same thing with our Hispanics in the 21st century, but that’s a rant for another time.]

This, perhaps combined with the fact that our Tories went north rather than fight England for our liberty in the Revolution, has left Canada without much of our Scots-Irish fighting spirit.

I wish the Canadians well, and hope they wake soon from their comatose slide into a nation where citizens’ very thoughts are held to be crimes.


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