Trashing our relationship with Israel

It is small wonder that Obama is trashing our relationship with Israel.

Take a young man who:  more or less rejected his American heritage on his mother’s side; was partly raised in a Muslim nation; who, as an adult, has been steeped in the not-so-genteel anti-Semitism of the American academy;  and, who then spent two decades listening to Jeremiah Wright in a “church” that honors Louis Farrakhan, and, what do you know:  you’ve got someone who truly despises Judaism and orthodox Christianity alike.

Speaking as a Baptist, if a self-professed Christian does not love the Jews and Israel for their role in salvation history, then he has not been paying close attention to the clear lessons from the Bible.  And please note, I’m not speaking of a “mission to the Jews,” i.e. attempts to convert Jews to Christianity.  I’m speaking only of a simple love for our elder brothers in faith, who first brought the word of God to humanity, not to mention giving us our Savior, Jesus.   And kept the flame of the one true God burning for over three millenia.

As for the modern State of Israel, versus the Arabs, this ought to be a no-brainer for an American.   Let’s see: one has freedoms quite similar to ours, a thriving economy, scientific and technical genius.  The other has…unearned riches from oil and is a motley collection of monarchies,  thugocracies and kleptocracies.  Oh, and, of course, Arab states, including the nascent Palestinian state, must be judenrein.  Funny, Jimmy Carter hasn’t complained about this Arab apartheid…


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