From City Journal, a bracing summary of why the Tea Party movement so resonates with Americans:

…government exists to protect “certain inherent rights, namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety,” as George Mason summed up Lockean orthodoxy in Virginia’s Bill of Rights.

The problem today? We’re akin to the frog immersed in water that is slowly heated to the boiling point. The frog does not realize it is too late, until he is cooked to death.

In our case, Americans have gotten fat, dumb, and lazy as the water of an overgrown state is heated. The hotter it gets, the less liberty we have, the more money is sucked away from those who can produce to those who can not. The socialist Democrats leading this charge, including our president, talk soothingly of “fairness” and “equality.” And promise that each new entitlement will, in a short time, seem indispensable.

It is not too late to reclaim our revolutionary, republican (lower-case “r”) heritage. We are a free people; we will not, must not be yoked to a forked-tongue “community organizer” and his gang of thugs. Vote the bastards out.

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