In a happy coincidence, Passover starts during Holy Week, this night (March 29) at sundown. Which is fitting, as in our faith we celebrate our deliverance from sin by our Messiah, who shared the Last Supper with his disciples as a Passover seder.

The Hebrews celebrate their exodus from bondage in Egypt, and, more prophetically, from the evils of idolatry as represented by the Egyptian cult of pharaoh and their various false gods. As Christians, we also should celebrate the exodus from Egypt, although the central lesson may have been lost, just as the Israelites lost it not long after the event.

Recall, it was not very long before the Israelites tired of manna in the desert, and began whining that they missed the fleshpots of Egypt. But the Israelites weren’t freed from bondage so they could be fat, dumb and happy: they were released so they could properly worship God.

Likewise, Jesus did not die for us at Calvary so that we could be fat, dumb and happy. He died so that we might follow him, carry our cross, and, if God so chooses, join him in glory.

Passover is a joyous time for Jews; perhaps the serious lesson of being freed so that they could better obey God has been lost. Holy Week for Christians is a better balance: we know that we must face the cross on Calvary before we can share in the glory of Easter, resurrection morn.

Happy Passover for my Jewish friends, and thank you for carrying the flame of the One True God over the millenia.


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