Doubletalk from the Obamatons

“Minorities” apparently still need set-asides and favortism. Thus our first minority president and his team of Obamatons has announced, through the Federal Register, that our nation needs something called a “National Advisory Council on Minority Business Enterprise.” OK, fine, let’s help the poor minority dears who apparently aren’t bright or creative or tough enough to do it on their lonesomes.

Well, common sense would tell the Obamatons that they don’t need yet another useless body of the otherwise unemployable. Just lower taxes, stop spending, and get government out of the way of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Unless, of course, Obama and his minions don’t believe that minority businessmen and women aren’t up to the task.

Well, we’ve all got our opinions; Obama must know his own people. But here’s what is the grabber in the FR announcment:

NACMBE Members will be selected in accordance with applicable Department of Commerce guidelines and in a manner that ensures that NACMBE has a balanced membership. In this respect, the Secretary seeks to appoint members who represent a diversity of industries, ethnic backgrounds and geographical regions, and to the extent practicable, gender and persons with disabilities.

All appointments shall be made without discrimination on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or cultural, religious, or socioeconomic status. (emphasis added)

This is going to be quite the trick: seeking to appoint a “diversity…of ethnic backgrounds…gender…disabilities” while, at the very same time, being “without discrimination.”

It’s possible to be “without discrimination,” but not if you are at the same time required to discriminate in favor of “diversity.” I guess that’s why I’m not in charge of the Commerce Department. Just can’t suspend thinking long enough.


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