Lame American warning

Robust EU warning:  smoking can cause a slow and painful death

Robust EU warning

It’s good to know our ever-munificent and wise federal government is working diligently to protect us from our own childish habits. Case in point is relayed in this story headlined “FDA reviewing whether to ban menthol cigarettes.”

Now, if there are any smokers out there, and you haven’t died of some heinous cancer or other disease as yet, you know (or should know) that cigarettes will kill you. Three out of four times; for everyone who’s got an uncle Al who lived to be 98 and smoked a pack a day all his life, there’s an overwhelming majority of smokers who die much sooner.

Smoking is a personal choice, of course. Or it used to be, until the Nanny State went into high gear during the 1990s. And, if you’ve got an IQ higher than a clump of moss, you’ll know just how dangerous smoking is. You want to smoke? Have at ‘er, just know what you’re doing.

Apparently that’s not nearly good enough when it comes to mentholated cigarettes. Why? Because they are the poison of choice for many blacks. And, of course, Nanny State just knows it in her busybody bones that blacks are just like children, and can’t be trusted to read or understand the warning labels. From the story:

Many African American smokers view menthol cigarettes as “soothing” and “smooth,” and less harsh and dangerous than regular cigarettes, according to a 2008 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

I don’t know how many “many” African American smokers are. But I’ll wager that it’s not all that different from a comparable survey of whites on whether “smooth” tasting coffin nails were safer.

When I smoked, unfiltered Camels were my drug of choice. I’d stoop to light up a Lucky, but only if I couldn’t buy Mr. Reynolds’ fine product. Filtered cigarettes? Only if that’s all there were, but, as I recall, they were “smoother” than unfiltered. After the 1964 Surgeon General’s reports on Smoking and Health, the truth was out there, and plain to see.

Hey, people: there’s a reason that we called them “coffin nails” long before that report hit the streets. So, fast forward to now, and we are told that we must ban mentholated cigarettes because they are preferred by blacks. In simplest terms, this treats blacks like children, incapable of understanding the basics about smoking.

Of course, our warning labels are pretty lame, at least as compared with the nannies over in the EU. A typical American label is on the left, one from the EU on the right. Perhaps blacks are too simple to know that carbon monoxide is a poison, but I’d bet that about the same percentage of white smokers don’t know, either.

And, don’t you just love the brutal simplicity of the EU warning: “Smoking can cause a slow and painful death.” Although my favorite from the EU is “Smoking kills.” It’s doesn’t get simpler or more direct than that. I say we adopt it for our cigarettes.

Well, smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em. And if you resent being treated like a stupid child, let your Congressman know. Assuming he can read, or has a clever staffer who can open emails and read them for him.



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