The War on Terror–Bush without the Stetson

Victor Davis Hanson notes that Obama has adapted much of the Bush administration’s tactics in the war on terror. OK, but…

Obama is, indeed, doing much that is right in the war on terror. But it’s clear his heart is not in it. My sense is that he is doing what he believes he must, in order to continue to convince we Americans that he is one of us in spirit.

Obama’s rhetoric and promises have been shown to have very short shelf-lives, and, to put it bluntly, he is not to be trusted. A man with a spine does not pivot away from a lifetime of rhetoric and actions. The building blocks for this conclusion? His background as a “community organizer;” his long-time associations with a motley assortment of terrorists, rabble-rousers; and, perhaps worst of all, 20 years with his spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright (he of the church of Farrakhan adulation). Finally, what slender record he has is quite far to the left.

So, one is left with one of two choices: Obama has no spine, and will do what is expedient at any given time. Or, he has not changed in his heart, and things such as the Afghanistan surge are merely for show. The first choice means that he will not persevere in the face of danger and will flip-flop when it is expedient; the second that he may not be trusted as commander-in-chief.

Neither choice bodes well for our country.


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