State of the Commonwealth

Here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell has proclaimed April as Confederate History Month. And, don’t you know, all the usual whiners are up in arms because of the political incorrectness of the whole thing.

The WaPo, headquartered in the black heart of the Evil Empire, D.C., opines our governor is “airbrushing…Virginia history.” You can almost hear the loud and pointless “harumph” emphasizing that holier-than-thou notion.

Sometimes a proclamation is just that: something to remind us all that Virginia has a proud history, even if the overwhelming numbers and industrial might of the Federals prevailed in the War Between the States. What are the whiners going on about? Gov. McDonnell did not come out and proclaim that the Civil War was all about slavery

Which it was, and was not. The war was first and foremost about state sovereignty. Of course, that sovereignty included the perceived right to keep other human beings as property. The fact that Virginia was wrong about slavery does not change the rightness of the underlying principle: the state is sovereign. We all err; sometimes grievously. Case in point? Amendment XVIII.

Look, folks: if it weren’t for Virginians, we’d likely still be under Britain. If it weren’t for Virginians, we’d not have a Constitution worth having. We are not perfect, but, like George Washington and Robert E. Lee, we fought with honor for our state and our nation. In that order.

Let there be no mistake: the Civil War did not settle the legality of a state’s secession. It merely quashed it by force of arms. Not the same thing.

[update: McDonnell was caught off-base by the PC crowd. He caved.]

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