General Petraeus’ Israel Problem

Andrew McCarthy has a must-read article up at NRO. Its target appears to be General David Petraeus. And the general comes in for some well-deserved criticism for his excessive concern for our mortal enemies’ hearts and minds.

McCarthy reminds us of who the sides are: Israel and the West on one side; the Islamic world on the other. We are told, incessantly by liberals and many conservatives alike, that we need to be the “honest broker” between the two sides. As though both had equal moral value.

As McCarthy puts it:

…our justice is blind: We must make no distinction between (a) a Western-style democracy that permits Muslims to live in dignity as citizens within its borders and (b) incorrigibles who make no secret of desiring that democracy’s annihilation and who consider mass murder to be legitimate resistance.

Further, McCarthy reminds us that Obama and Petraeus, along with many other Obamatons, chide us that

We need to be more understanding of the totalitarian, iniquitous, misogynistic, homophobic, virulently anti-Western and anti-Semitic culture that dominates Muslim countries.

Being an “honest broker” between these two sides is morally bankrupt. My advice? Know the enemy; treat them appropriately. Don’t reward bad behavior. And, for God’s sake, stop harassing and bullying our only true friend in the Middle East.

Here are some questions for all those who claim to be “honest brokers:” Why must all Arab lands be judenfrei while it’s expected that Israel will have a large fraction of non-Jews? Why shouldn’t there be Jewish “settlers” in the West Bank? Or, in Riyadh, for that matter. What kind of intellectually and morally bankrupt poison are we supporting?


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