Lost in the weeds

In case anyone missed it, Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakstan will join 46 other heavy hitters from as many nations in Washington, D.C. And it’s not for a bake sale, although that would produce more concrete results. No, friends. The ostensible purpose as reported by the Wall Street Journal? Let’s see what The Numinous One saith:

“The single-biggest threat to U.S. security, both short term, medium term and long term, would be the possibility of a terrorist organization obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

Now, let’s not pick on this Ivy-League educated Teleprompter-in-Chief for not being able to distinguish between two (“both”) and three. And, in fairness, although Obama is inarticulate without a lot of help, his central point is a fair one: Looses nukes can sink more than ships. They could be city-busters.

Which is why, difficult as it may be to believe that we have done anything as a nation B.O. (that’s Before Obama, not body odor), we’ve been working hard to secure the former Soviet Union’s nuclear materials. More is to be done, although it’s difficult to see how a mini-United Nations is going to agree to something useful. If anything, there will be the usual self-congratulatory press releases, a lot of U.S.-taxpayer funded celebration and good food and booze, and nothing more than hot effluvia resulting.

As for the actual threats to our security, there’s no doubt that number one on the hit parade is the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Or, put it this way: with the Russkies, we at least have some common ground securing their nukes. Moscow, St. Petersburg, or any of a number of other Russian cities are at the top of the Islamist target list for Central Asian and Caucuses-based jihadis. However, the most likely source of a terrorist nuke? A rogue state such as Iran or North Korea.

But our feckless administration soldiers on, dealing with the weeds, ensuring that we disarm. All the while, not doing much of anything to stop the Iranian march to Armageddon.

Finally, at the top I mentioned Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakstan, in D.C. for the gas-fest. This former Soviet Republic is a bit of an autocracy, nay, an outright dictatorship. With a huge cult of personality, not very different from what Obama had hoped to bring about here. But, even as we slip into autocracy, Kazakstan seems to be going in a better direction. But, don’t you know, our Dear Leader just had to bring us down to the craphole that is Kazakstan.

From the WSJ article,

Mr. Obama assured Mr. Nazarbayev, “we too are working on our democracy.”

That’s good to know. Look, I know we’re far from perfect. But we are not the same as Kazakstan, not in the same ballpark, not in the same league. To even hint otherwise, or even strongly suggest it, as Obama does, insults my nation.

But not, apparently, the nation that Obama thinks he is Dear Leader of.


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