Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble…

…when you’re perfect in every way. Or so went the sarcastically funny Mac Davis tune. That song was parody; repeated today as tragedy by our narcissist-in-chief, B. H. Obama.

As reported in the previous post, Obama has likened our democracy to that of Kazakstan, a corrupt craphole in Central Asia. Well, perhaps we’re getting there, in a frantic race to the bottom, Chicago community organizer style. Let’s hope not, but here’s a little more evidence of the character of the poseur y’all elected in 2008 (I did not vote for him; won’t unless a resurrected zombie Adolf Hitler and zombie Joe Stalin run as a ticket against him.)

From the Wall Street Journal’s Best of the Web yesterday, this bit of explanation of Obama’s equating our democracy with Kazakstan’s “democracy:”

Obama said Sunday that the United States is still “working on” democracy and a top aide said he has taken “historic steps” to improve democracy in the United States during his time in office…McFaul said. “[Obama’s] taken, I think, rather historic steps to improve our own democracy since coming to office here in the United States.”

Hey, McFaul, your nose is so far up Obama’s butt you might break your nose when the Numinous One farts. The serious problem isn’t the sycophancy of McFaul. It’s the very real notion that Obama believes that he has taken “historic steps to improve our own democracy.”

Sorry, B.H. Shoving radical government takeovers of health and education on a purely partisan basis, trading favors and bribing weak-minded Congressmen and Senators, does not improve anything. It cheapens our republic.

2010 and 2012. Let’s take back America for Americans.


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