Pass the VAT 69

VAT 69 is a cheap and not very good blended Scotch whiskey. But I’d sooner give up my beloved Jameson and drink VAT 69 swill than to have a VAT passed in what used to be the home of the brave, land of the free.

It’s simple: Politicos, and they’re not all Democrats, are drooling over the prospects of untapped trillions in blood money they can suck out of us. Those monies will come their way to squander in the form of a “value added tax.” The VAT has been a fixture in Europe for decades. Initially passed for the same reason that our thieves in Washington want us to have one: to finance the socialist state’s ever-increasing appetite.

It will be sold here as an iron-clad necessity. After all, now that we’ve passed the cow’s afterbirth that is ObamCare, how else are we to pay for it? Along with all the other pork that just has to be passed, or else, fill in your end-of-the-world scenario here, and, think of the children! Of course, we could just repeal ObamaCare and otherwise reduce spending. We could, but with the current group of whores and thieves in Washington it simply isn’t going to happen.

The graphic, from today’s lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal, is quite instructive. Any politician (or their pet economists) who tell us “oh, don’t worry, we’ll be able to reduce income taxes” is lying or is willfully ignorant. The data for Europe is instructive: once enacted, VATs usually go up. Income tax rates, as well. Shocked and amazed that that could happen, aren’t we?

No, not really. Obama, the post- and un-american president, is purposefully driving us to become just like Europe. Well, the numbers are in this graphic as far as taxes are concerned. Think taxation doesn’t affect you? Consider this last paragraph from the Journal’s editorial:

In 2008, the average resident of West Virginia, one of the poorest American states, had an income $2,000 a year higher than the average resident of the European Union, according to economist Mark Perry of the University of Michigan, Flint. The price of a much higher tax burden to finance a cradle-to-grave entitlement state in Europe has been a lower standard of living. VAT supporters should explain why the same won’t be true in America.

Would a politician lie? How can you believe such a thing? Or, as we have heard a lot lately, “how’s that hopeychangey thing working out for you?”


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