Foolish Jews

There’s been quite a bit of concern raised in the right-of-center blogosphere about Obama’s strangely harsh treatment of Israel. I write “strangely” inasmuch as Obama has veered sharply away from the strong support of Israel shown by virtually all his predecessors, even the most recent Democrat, Bill Clinton. And yet most American Jews, to their shame, haven’t woken up to this reality.

American Jews, safely ensconced in America, have the luxury of joining the Obamatons in tossing Israel under the bus. Israeli Jews have a much more practical take on the matter: it’s their existence, and few Israelis have the illusion that the Arabs will lay down their swords if only Israel makes yet another concession.

Three points:

First, where is it written that there must be no Jews living in an Arab Palestine? Jimmy Carter, along with many other anti-Semites, accuse Israel of being an “apartheid” state. And yet about one-fifth of Israel’s population (excluding the West Bank and Gaza) is Arab and not Jewish. Yet Arab states, including the nascent Palestinian state, must be judenrein, totally free of Jews. Which side seems more “apartheid” to you?

Second, Jerusalem. The City of David is mentioned many, many times in Scripture as the eternal home of the Jewish people. The Koran mentions Jerusalem exactly zero times. And yet, somehow, Jewish apartments in Jerusalem are, all of a sudden, a deal breaker.

Third, unless and until the Arabs, including the Palestinians, truly renounce their drive to destroy Israel as a Jewish state (an Arab “Israel” would be just fine), there can be no peace. If you doubt that the Palestinian Arabs still wish to destroy Israel and kill all Jews, check out MEMRI for translations of what Arabs say and write in Arabic.

Obama has a long and sordid history of hanging out with and learning from anti-Semites. Seems like he’s learned his lessons well. American Jews seem to be willfully blind, and are letting their liberal politics overwhelm their common sense.


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