To go where no budget has gone before…

Don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been down on NASA and its wasted billions for many a year now. Forty years ago I thought that it was dumber than dirt to use what was basically V-2 technology from WWII to lift small payloads into orbit. Fast forward to the present, and we have a technology that is so fragile that the shuttle could not even land in a drizzle the other day.

Not to mention that the only drama in the space program has been the question, “what trivial failure will be featured in the news,” and, just as at NASCAR events, waiting for a fatal crash or mid-air explosion. What about that noble exploration of the unknown, of “going where no man has gone before?” Well, we went to two places “no man has gone before:” low-earth orbit, and the moon.

Well, I did look at those moon rocks. And, I’ve tasted Tang. Guess I’ve had my benefits from the many, many billions of our tax dollars spent on this foolish enterprise.

Some conservatives have been down on Obama’s recent change in direction for our space program, so it’s useful to see at least one conservative go the other direction: Rand Simberg, at NRO, has an interesting review of some of the costs and benefits of the limited privatization of space exploration.

I’d be happier if we simply canceled NASA; it’s scientific welfare, plain and simple.

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