Obama birth certificate sealThe image shows a raised seal on the back of Obama’s certificate of live birth from Hawaii. This is according to, to which I was referred by a commenter on a prior post.

Hence I am most likely in error about their being no authentic Obama birth certificate. Most likely; it is hardly beyond reason that the overwhelmingly Democratic officials in Hawaii’s state government might add a seal ex post facto (excluding the governor, Linda Lingle, who happens to be a Republican — she probably would not stoop so low).

But even assuming that there is an authentic birth certificate, the best can provide are photos and second-hand statements as to the certificate’s authenticity. Not to mention that it has been altered (e.g. blacked out certificate number). With no respect due, I don’t trust second-hand reporting for something like this.

So, I’ll fall back on the old Scottish verdict, “not-proven.” I’m not a “birther,” just someone who has seen Obama for what he is: a serial liar. And, at this point, it doesn’t matter if the birth certificate is fake. Even if it were, Obama is president, has been for over a year, was elected fairly, and to remove him from office, even if it could be proven he wasn’t natural-born citizen, would do more harm to my nation than leaving him in office.

Our best best? Do it the old-fashioned way: Vote his party out this November; vote Obama out in 2012.


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