First things first

Mike Huckabee has a simple petition up. Here it is in its entirety:

Mr. President, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, I ask that you immediately fulfill past promises made by the federal government. Enforce the existing laws on the books. Secure our borders now.

If you do not take immediate steps to secure our border and implement and enforce existing laws, I will vote for and support politicians who can get the job done.

Simple. Straightforward. Unlikely to result in action, but you never know. I’d encourage all to sign this petition.

My take on the whole immigration mess is “First things first.” The first thing we must do is secure our borders. Anyone who talks of not doing this first, even if they claim it will be part of a “comprehensive” immigration reform package, is lying through their teeth.

The health care rape of our budget should be fair warning: when Congress, especially as it is now constituted with large Democrat majorities, gets it hands on anything, it makes it bloated, unwieldy, and almost certain to fail in its stated purpose.

Immigration is no different. Let’s do what we should have done decades ago: seal our borders against illegal entry.


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