Illegal health care?

Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper when a news story surfaces. Today that story is about the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, one of several Bantustans within our beloved Congress. Why the interests of Hispanics ought to be different than those of other Americans is a mystery, but, hey, it’s their version of ethnic cleansing, Congressional style.

But the Caucus was accused of baby-killing or some other heinous crime on Fox this a.m. According to this story in the Wall Street Journal,

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is threatening to block a health-care bill for post-9/11 recovery workers if it bars illegal immigrants from treatment.

The health-care bill is sponsored by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY). Almost nine years on, it would finally help those whose health was adversely affected by the World Trade Center attack.

On its face, it appears to pit those who should not be in our country at all against heroes who risked their lives in the bitter cleanup. Except: if someone worked at the WTC site, their immigration status is irrelevant. That they, perhaps unknowingly, were risking their lives is paramount.

Here’s a message: simple human compassion dictates that all who were made ill be treated. Period. As much as I detest the very existence of the Hispanic Caucus, I have to agree with them on this issue.


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