Press One for English

Mark Steyn says it best:

In Arizona, illegal immigration is life and death; to the coastal commentariat, “undocumented immigrants” are the people who mow your lawn.

The point is that if you have to deal with the crime and other nuisances of having lots and lots of illegals where you live, you’re a bigot for actually enforcing the law of the land.

Look, I’m tired of having to “press one for English.” I’m also tired of having to learn Spanish to communicate with workers. Why haven’t they learned English?

This is my country, or it was until we started electing a “compassionate conservative” followed by a One-World socialist. I also wonder why, if voting is restricted to citizens, all election instructions must be in English and Spanish. I know that this is to accommodate all of those Hispanic “citizens” who vote but haven’t bothered to learn English.

How many who need Spanish instructions to vote are illegals? Good question. In most places it might be considered racist to even ask that question. I know that here in Virginia, you need not show an proof of citizenship to vote.

What’s to be done? Start by enforcing our existing laws. Oh, right. Arizona is trying to do that at the state level. And has earned the unbridled hostility, the screeches of the leftist banshees, as though it were Nazi Germany.

From a logical point of view, we know that those opposed to enforcing our immigration laws have lost the argument on its merits when they pull out the Nazi card. Unfortunately, many of our so-called leaders agree with the left’s assessment.

Logic and law be damned, apparently.


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