The would-be Times Square bomber was arrested on a plane leaving for Pakistan via Dubai. Whether the NYPD and FBI intended to let the bomber get that far is not known, but they did get him in time.

Note carefully how the Washington Post story is headlined “U.S. citizen from Pakistan.” True enough. The salient fact isn’t that he’s from Pakistan: it’s that he’s a Muslim. But you will not find the word “Muslim” in the WaPo story. After all, how could this possibly be relevant? He’s a citizen, just like the tea-partiers…

Now, of course, he’ll be given the full panoply of constitutional rights, read his Miranda rights, and promptly get the services of our version of Lenin’s useful idiots who will both defend and lionize him.

Until this moke was identified and nicked, the usual suspects wisely opined that since the bombing attempt was amateurish, the bomber was unlikely to be attached to al-quaeda or other tentacles of the world-wide jihad. Except for the inconvenient fact that he is a Muslim, and, like it or not, virtually every terror attack against Americans or American interests for the past 30 years has been made by Muslims.

For a time, Mayor Mike and the politically correct weasels in Obamaland couldn’t even bring themselves to say that the attempt was an act of terror. Let alone that he is a jihadi.

One must look at what the man did, and while it’s possible he didn’t like the peep shows in Times Square, it’s much, much more likely that he was acting on behalf of, if not with the literal cooperation with, the world-wide jihad.

Now that the suspect is in custody, he turns out to be…wait for it…not someone who, as one idiot suggested, was protesting Obamacare. Nope. The suspect is a Muslim from Pakistan.

It so happens that this Pakistani recently became a naturalized citizen. Hence, the usual apologists for Islam, and this very much includes B. Hussein Obama, will present this as a clear case of “domestic” or “home-grown” terror.

Nonsense. The terror originates from Islam, at least those practitioners of the “religion of peace” who wish us dead or converted to Islam. This is “domestic” only in the narrow legalistic sense.

First step? Strip the man of his recently-acquired citizenship. It’s clear that he violated the oath he took in order to become one of us. Second step? Declare him an enemy combatant (what uniform of what armed forces was he wearing when he attacked innocent civilians?) and let a military tribunal deal with him at Gitmo.

These steps will never happen under B.Hussein Obama, but a fella can dream.


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