It’s academic

It is passing strange when an administration headed by a man who has never held a real job tells us, in snide and snotty tones, what’s best for us. Us poor knuckle-dragging mud-eating peasants here in Elbonia, otherwise known as fly-over land.

The latest Obamaton who seems likely to get a lifetime sinecure on the Supreme Court is in the same mold: never held a real job. No, I don’t consider any job on the Harvard faculty as being real. Such jobs produce human errors such as Cornel West and, well, Barry Obama. Neither of whom, along with most other Harvard types, are not fit to shovel shit from one place to another.

Now comes E. Kagan, homely as the hind end of a wart hog. Jules Crittenden summarizes the problem with Spinster Elena:

…President Obama seems bent on packing the court with people who never had children, and would suggest that if you haven’t had your sleep disturbed for years on end; haven’t subjugated everything in your life to someone else’s interests … as opposed to subjugating everything to your career interests … and never changed a diaper except, say, as a boutique experience; if you haven’t seen your hopes and dreams grow up, charge off in their own direction and start talking back to you; if you haven’t dealt with abuse of authority and human rights issues sometimes encountered in dealings with obtuse school officials, class bullies and town sports leagues; then there’s a high risk your understanding of life may be somewhat … academic.

It’s a humbling experience, parenthood. As well as an inspiring one that gives life meaning. It also, as a friend of mine once put it, makes you sane. Even while it drives you crazy. Put another way, it’s part of the maturation thing.

Doesn’t the president know any soccer moms who went to a state school?

I know of one hockey mom who might be available. Not for SCOTUS, but for POTUS. And it’s for certain that Sarah won’t need a teleprompter to tell her what day of the week it is.


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