Know thy enemy

AG Eric Holder is clearly not comfortable naming our enemy. As this brief encounter with Texas Republican Lamar Smith should demonstrate, Holder is unable to even contemplate that our enemies have used Islam as their rallying cry.

Or does Holder think that, for example, Methodists shout “allahu akbar” when they attack? Oh, right. Methodists don’t attack us because they’re Methodists.

One may argue the notion of “moderate Islam” being what the overwhelming majority of Muslims adhere to. Or that “Islam has been hijacked by a few radicals.” The point is that Islam is used as a rallying cry. Tell the terrorists that they’re confused when next they try to blow you up on the subway or in Times Square.

The central point: unless and until we know that our enemy is radical Islam, we will lose the war. The very first step in any war? Know thy enemy. Feckless, politically correct cowards such as Holder, and his boss, Obama, will not win this war if they can’t even bring themselves to name the enemy.


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