Wrong on substance and process

Nancy Pelosi, an extreme left-winger from San Francisco, now deigns to instruct Catholic bishops and priests on what to preach from the pulpit. In this particular instance, it’s to pimp for “immigration reform,” by which of course she means instant and blanket amnesty.

As reported by Bill O’Reilly, Pelosi equates amnesty with “living the Gospels:”

“Cardinals, the Archbishops, the Bishops come to me and say we want you to pass immigration reform. But I say I want you to speak about it from the pulpit. … I want you to instruct … the people (who) oppose immigration reform and are sitting in those pews … that this is a manifestation of our living the Gospels.”

So, a major political figure, a nominal Catholic herself, instructs the clergy of a particular denomination on what ought to be preached. Pelosi is wrong on both substance and process, and misuses her faith for political advantage.

It is abhorrent for any politician to instruct members of any faith in what they preach. It is, in a word, unamerican. It’s something you might have expected a monarch who was also the head of his nation’s church to do. In modern times, what few monarchs who are also the nominal heads of their state churches pretty much don’t go beyond platitudes. When’s the last time you heard of Queen Elizabeth instruct all two or so Church of England priests with actual congregations on what to say from the pulpit on Sunday?

As for “immigration reform” being called for in the Gospels, that’s a bit of a stretch. Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor, not grant him automatic citizenship. As for how to deal with aliens among us, God specifies what that means, in Exodus 22:21:

“You shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt.”

It is not oppression to insist that foreign visitors here obey our laws. Among those laws is the requirement to enter the United States legally. Someone who breaks our law just by being here must be treated as a fellow human being, but not rewarded.

Now, with all respect due to the open borders crowd, American citizenship is not a right for those foreign-born. It is a privilege. The Gospel, and common sense, don’t require us to privilege law-breakers.

Pelosi is thus wrong on both the substance and the process. The substance makes a mockery of what being an American is. The process violates separation of church and state. It also exposes the Left as vile hypocrites: if a conservative pastor would preach that Islam is a vile and evil religion, that’s a no-no. But Pelosi would have Catholic priests preach the gospel of amnesty and open borders.

That is not the Gospel; that’s the Democrat platform.


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