RINOs no more?

Mona Charen notes that “Polarization May Be Our Best Hope.” Writing in the possessive, “our” being her and I, and our fellow Republicans.

For the longest time, at least since those halcyon days of Nelson Rockefeller, Republicans of the liberal, country-club set were the “safe” Republicans. They weren’t going to burden us with fiery talk about freedom and liberty, of rolling back the socialist tide of the Democrats. They were safe; they merely tinkered at the edges of the ever-expanding government octopus.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve got failed RINO governors such as Arnold S. in soon-to-be-bankrupt California. We just had a massive expansion of government under a “compassionate conservative” president, George W. Bush. We’ve seen liberal squishes such as Maine’s sister senators (are they ever seen in the same time and place together, or are they actually one woman?) and the weasel Arlen Specter.

The left-leaning media loves squishes like Sens. Snowe and Collins. They’re the right kind of Republicans, the “bipartisan” kind. Which, in lefty-speak, means Republicans in Name Only who will go along with most Democrat mischief. Partisanship is ugly, according to the mainstream media, but only if it entails Republicans acting like true conservatives.

There’s hope: Obama and his minions may have achieved clarity for my tribe. Clarity that was sorely missing under Bush I and II. From Ms Charen:

The advent of the Obama administration, with its pell-mell rush to transform us into Greece, is transforming the Republican party as well. Grassroots activists are reasserting the virtues of limited government, personal responsibility, and public accountability. Our best hope is that tea-party principles will prevail. Those are the very principles that can save us from Europe’s fate.

Ms Charen also articulates the question of the hour:

How about the question as to whether the trajectory of government spending will drag the United States into insolvency? How about the problem of a governing class unmoored from the Constitution?

Obama won the election in 2008. He, and his Democrat enablers in the House and Senate, are doing their partisan best to remake us into a socialist cult, with Obama as The One True and Dear Leader.

Obama and Nancy and Harry are right. Elections matter. Let’s send them all home.


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