All one need know

Victor Davis Hanson summarizes for us why Obama and his minions may be in for a rough ride from now on. It has to do with who Obama and his merry crew are; where they live ideologically. His crew are, in VDH’s words, “more presentable versions of…Bill Ayers/Rev. Wright:”

Obama has populated his administration with more presentable versions of the Bill Ayers/Rev. Wright culture of Chicago, in which casual deprecation of the U.S. is almost de rigueur and second nature — hence the surprise of these wounded fawns when others are taken aback at their casual musings. It has now been three years of “downright mean country,” “cling to guns or religion,” and “spread the wealth,” and these statements are starting to add up. We get the message — already.

Obama still has his true believers. That much is certain. But I’m reasonably sure there’s a huge passel of moderates who voted for Obama because he presented himself as a moderate. And many, if not virtually all of them, are having varying degrees of buyer’s remorse.

Or, if you will, the emperor is no longer clothed. And we see him for the radical he is.


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