An echo, not a choice

Joe Sestak beat the weasel, Snarlin’ Arlen, soon to be former senator. Just as well; Snarlin’ Arlen gets his name for being among the meanest U.S. Senators. Plus, he’s a weasel, having switched parties for the stated reason that he’d have had a hard time winning the Republican Primary.

Well, good on you, Keystone State Democrats: you could smell the stink of naked opportunism. Good riddance to a nasty piece of work. Enter another nasty piece of work, Joe Sestak. A political admiral in the Navy, Sestak was removed from his command by the CJCS, ADM Mullen, in 2005. Sestak won over the weasel handily, and now must face the much-more principled Pat Toomey.

Toomey is an economic libertarian; Sestak is a tax-and-spend liberal. Sestak is also in the running for being the next Pennsylvania Weasel. He keeps blaming our current economic problems, especially the ballooning deficit, on the Bush administration.

Now, I’m not a fan of the excessive government spending under Bush, but the deficit in the short reign of Obama the Unready is already triple what it was for the entire 8 years of Bush. So Sestak is a liar. He’s also been a down-the-line supporter of Nancy Pelosi; he’s got a 100% score from the pro-death league (NARAL); he’s for cap-and-tax; he’s for card check, meaning he’s against a secret ballot in an election to choose to go union.

In short, he’s a liberal, a loyal Democrat, well to the left of Specter. And way, way, way to the left of Pat Toomey. The primary was easy, Joe. Now let’s see how you do against someone who has a spine.


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