Let’s party like it’s 1846

The Mexican-American War was fought at a time when our national sovereignty still had meaning. Ostensibly based on Mexico’s stupid (more on why below) claim to the then-independent Republic of Texas.

We opened up a 55-gallon drum barrel of whup-ass on the Mexicans, and, in the process, gained huge gobs of territory. In a word, the Mexicans were in a hole and kept on digging: they lost Texas, then, not happy with the result, lost everything from Texas to the Pacific.

The Mexicans haven’t forgotten or forgiven, and the more honest of them openly talk of the reconquista of California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Good luck with that project, amigos.

In the meanwhile, Mexicans are storming over our borders, taking money from us, sometimes at gunpoint, and, generally, not improving our nation. Now we have the recent appearance by a man with many problems in his own nation, lecturing us on how to run ours.

The current Mexican jefe, Filipe Calderon, stands up before Congress and lies about the Arizona immigration law, to the great cheers of the Democrats. Now one may have a positive opinion of the law, as most who know enough about it do. Or not. That’s not the point.

A foreign leader has no damned business criticizing the laws of a duly-elected state legislature, signed by a freely elected governor of one of our sovereign states. This may not mean much in a banana republic like Mexico, but it still has some meaning for some of us Americans.

I understand why the Mexican president might not like the law: it makes it harder for Mexico to export its trash. It makes it harder for illegal Mexicans in Arizona to suck off the public teat and then wire money back to Mexico that ought to stay in Arizona.

Hey, Calderon: go back to your craphole. You don’t like our laws? Fine. Criticize them to your heart’s delight when you are back home. Or are you our newest illegal immigrant? Do not insult us in our Congress, you microbe.


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