Hail, Britannia

House Resolution 1303, “Recognizing the special relationship and historic ties between the United Kingdom and the United States.” was passed by the House of Representatives May 12, 2010.

It is a moving document for any who appreciate the historic ties between us and the Mother Country, Great Britain. As reported by Jay Nordlinger at NRO, it was Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Cuban-American and Republican Representative from Miami who sponsored 1303.

From NRO:

On the floor of the House, as in the resolution itself, Diaz-Balart quoted Churchill, who said on becoming an honorary citizen of the U.S., “In this century of storm and tragedy I contemplate with high satisfaction the constant factor of the interwoven and upward progress of our peoples. Our comradeship and our brotherhood in war were unexampled. We stood together, and because of that fact the free world now stands. Nor has our partnership any exclusive nature: the Atlantic community is a dream that can well be fulfilled to the detriment of none and to the enduring benefit and honour of the great democracies.” Diaz-Balart then said, “During the most trying times in the history of the United States, we have had no truer friend than the United Kingdom.”

We are blessed to have a man such as Lincoln Diaz-Balart, who knows from personal experience the difference between tyranny and freedom. Who knows that there are precious few in this world who share our concepts of liberty.

We, and Britain, are imperfect. But the Anglosphere that grew from the British Empire is as good as it gets in this world. We should cherish and nurture our special relationship with Great Britain, even if some of our current leaders don’t understand what makes those bonds special.


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