“the alleged election of George W. Bush”

Little Tommy Shales has been writing columns on television for the Washington Post for lo these many years. Back in the day, I would check on what he had to say about a particular show before deciding to waste an hour or two of my life watching. Then I discovered, quite recently, that Shales does what so many on the left seem to do: insert politics where it does not belong.

That place used to be entertainment, back before it became acceptable, even necessary, for the artsy-fartsy crowd to demonstrate their liberal bona fides by inserting irrelevant political noise in much of their work. All protected under the First Amendment, of course. It’s not like they’re attacking Islam, after all…

Today’s piece on the soon-to-be concluded series 24 has the usual “I don’t like violence unless it’s for a lefty cause” vibe. I don’t expect lefties like Shales to like counter-terror ops, especially when bad guys (and gals) are routinely beat up and sometimes executed without even being read their alleged Miranda rights.

Oh, speaking of alleged, here’s one of the worst things I’ve seen written by a major newspaper columnist in a good long while: Shales writes of “the alleged election of George W. Bush” in 2000. The hysterical little girls are still whining.

At the time, Al Internet-inventor Gore whined like the little bitch he is, called in platoons of lawyers, and with each iteration saw Bush’s vote totals climb. Ultimately, the Supreme Court decided the case, and, for actual Americans, that should have been that.

Shales, ten years on, apparently does not believe that the Supreme Court has a role to play in adjudicating political arguments. Enough is enough. The Washington Post can, and should, do better than Tom Shales. It’s time to put this fathead out to pasture.


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