Taxation without representation

$23 billion may seem like small beer to our bloated pigs-at-the-trough Congress and White House. But it’s a lot of money, and it’s nowhere to be found in revenues likely to come in. Nevertheless, this is the amount that the Obamatons want to throw at the various states in order to help them pay for their school systems.

The good news? “New $23B for teacher subsidies falters in House” reads an update at the WaPo. Sanity may prevail, and Democrats know that more profligacy on their part will be duly noted.

The federal bailout is, ostensibly, for a good purpose: to keep various school systems around the country from laying off teachers and other staff. However, it is not funded and would add directly the the deficit. No way shape or form is it the “pay-go” that the whores at the trough in Washington swore to adhere to.

Naturally, the folks out in the states would love to get a free lunch. From the obviously sympathetic WaPo, a sample:

Atlanta Public Schools, which has about 50,000 students, cut $67 million from this year’s budget and had been watching the news out of Washington.

“We are disappointed by the potential of losing out on federal support for helping to keep effective teachers in our classrooms during these hard economic times,” said district spokesman Keith Bromery.

Well, things are tough all over. I’m “disappointed” that the folks in Atlanta can’t get their educational house in order. They must have higher priorities in their budget, don’t you think?

Has the city of Atlanta cut all that it can? Have they raised sufficient revenues in their taxing district? Probably not nearly enough.

Here’s the libertarian’s question: why should a citizen of Virginia, or any state other than Georgia, have to have their federal taxes go to pay Georgia teachers, when we have zero say in how Atlanta runs its schools or its budgeting? This is robbery, plain and simple. Or, as was said during our Revolution, taxation without representation.

The only recourse we have is to vote out any of our spendthrifts who support this kind of welfare in Congress. Which, one may hope, will happen this November.


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